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If not here, where? If not now, when?
Secure a location for your company in an economically thriving environment, and lay the foundations for your corporate success today. We offer fully developed industrial sites with excellent logistical connections, available at attractive prices.

What is Masterplan Saarland?

In order for Saarland to continue attracting investors as before, we need to offer companies the facilities they require. Many companies are in urgent need of large units of land, either for relocation or for expansion.

As there are not so many of these large areas available in Saarland, we are endeavouring all the more to make the most of these valuable resources to Saarland’s best advantage. In other words: to create new and secure jobs. Approved in 2007 by Saarland’s regional government, the Industrial Areas Masterplan Saarland has the objective of developing four large industrial areas totalling over 200 hectares into different prime locations in Saarland by 2020.

The masterplan satisfies the demands made by forward-looking enterprises on industrial areas. gwSaar which is in charge of the project is including location, transport and travel connections, ecological sustainability and the largest possible sections of land available as the main criteria for the selection of new development areas.

Modern Industrial areas

Utilization of new industrial areas in Saarland has undergone a dramatic change over the last few years. Where, once upon a time, smoke from chimneys polluted the environment and residents suffered from the noise and dust emitted from the plants, we now have state-of-the-art service-oriented production facilities applying optimally resources, the latest equipment and process engineering to manufacture innovative products.

Naturally, such changes present a number of questions and problems, which we would be happy to discuss individually with any concerned citizens. The best solutions require full disclosure, so we encourage you to express your concerns. If you have any questions, our Masterplan team will be happy to answer them.


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