Masterplan Locations

Approved in 2007 by Saarland’s regional government, the Industrial Areas Masterplan Saarland has the objective of developing four large industrial areas totalling over 200 hectares into different prime locations in Saarland by 2020.

In order to satisfy the demands made by forward-looking enterprises on industrial areas, the SHS subsidiary SBB Saarland Planning and Construction Corporation analyzed approx. 90 areas identified by the Regional Development Plan (LEP) as prime locations for business, industry and service providers. The main criteria for the selection of new development areas include location, transport and travel connections, ecological sustainability and the largest possible sections of land available.

The co-subsidiary gwSaar is doing the overall planning for all the areas selected without economic support: it acquires the land, structures it in accordance with the Land Use and Development Plan and subsequently develops and markets it. All the planning phases comply strictly with the specifications and are coordinated with local authorities and citizens.

Of the four areas selected the industrial estate Holz in Losheim/Niederlosheim and the area of BAB 1 Am Schaumberg in Tholey/Theley are already accomplished. Moreover, the phases  of implementation planning and development for the industrial estate Am Zunderbaum, situated between the administrative seat of the region Homburg and the municipality of Kirkel, and for the area of Lisdorfer Berg have begun.

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